Friday, February 24

unlucky day

Assalamualaikum and hello reader..

even the level of trauma are less the before this punye excident..
but im still in the traumaaaaaaa..

please la all good drives...along jalan Parit Raja are totally not highway...and this is not funny
If u in the right lane, it's doesn't mean you have to drive 120km/h.
there are many junction along the road...can u think wisely???
even u aren't hit my car but u hit my friend's car...
and i was there...and i was a rear passenger...
can u see my bubble on my head...

one more thing...after u hit the car and please don't go like "owh that's not my fault"...
u such a $%&*ID driver.....
at least say sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

i'll not forget this car
EXORA JND 3962 (white colour)

** just finish my second test for electric..and checking 4 my carrymark...oh my Allah..where is my mark for quiz 1...sir, i never skip your class ok................

Thursday, February 23

thumb bell errr

aha guess what guys????

Wednesday, February 22


i feel good..nananannanana
i feel nice aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
ok it is just a song
i not really feel good today..

final project make my head !@#$%% for the second time...
owh it s not for the second time but it's third timeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
yeah, that was a learning process...

that day i mengidam cane...
today i got  one batang cane...hahha
thanks makcik coz sold it to me RM1.00

ok bye..

owh one more thing...Dayang, can u stop talking too much????

Tuesday, February 21

Critical week


the critical week are began...this week i hv Manufacturing and Electric test week is a Industrial Engineering (IE) test 2..IE is one of my favorite subject...but my 1st test for IE was very bad as my Design test 1...hahahahahhaa..can u see me going to crazy phase???laughing for the bad result i got..i said  Alhamdulillah, its better than nothing..kakak, please don't give up..

arghhhh my Final project's presentation will be held next week 0_o.. also my Design project yeah..

All the test and presentation, please be nice to me. :)

critical face !!!

** my grammar was very bad since at primary, secondary and  other ry ry...ok tata

learning process

hey wassup..
everybody will go through this phase of life..
a teacher teach their student
a lecturer give lecture to the their student "big student"..haha

but what can i see and said..
a teacher just teach and teach and teach and teach until the student vomit...erkkk
pot pet pot pet..
but end of the result is *_*
where's the mistake???
from a teacher or a dumb student..dumb student is refer to me 0_o

Teacher : not my fault..i hv teach all the silibus that PPD/KPT give to me.

Student : =='

why don't a teacher or a lecturer teach how to read the question. Most of the student do not understand the question. They don't know how to bring out all the 'ingredient' given from the question. That why they got a terrible mark. bhahahah

** im not blaming my teacher/lecturer. tq

ok that all..


Monday, February 20

find a new life

well well well
i hv been quit from facebook and twitter...
i want find my new life...
not new boyfriend tau
boyfriend kakak still la mr ayied tu..

Wednesday, February 15


yeah semangatnye header baru...
GOODLUCK azizulhasniawang..

Wednesday, February 8


morning guys..

today 8 February a home alone today..waiting for my friends from Segamat.
well the best part going to class on 8.00 a.m....and and actually the class start on 10.00 a.m..
damn...i didnt tell them yet..

but they'll know after read this post...aaaaaaaaa dont laugh

serve me right..didnt memorize the timetable even now is my last semester.

pssst can u keep secret when read this post...dont tell Alin and Jaja..