Tuesday, February 21

learning process

hey wassup..
everybody will go through this phase of life..
a teacher teach their student
a lecturer give lecture to the their student "big student"..haha

but what can i see and said..
a teacher just teach and teach and teach and teach until the student vomit...erkkk
pot pet pot pet..
but end of the result is *_*
where's the mistake???
from a teacher or a dumb student..dumb student is refer to me 0_o

Teacher : not my fault..i hv teach all the silibus that PPD/KPT give to me.

Student : =='

why don't a teacher or a lecturer teach how to read the question. Most of the student do not understand the question. They don't know how to bring out all the 'ingredient' given from the question. That why they got a terrible mark. bhahahah

** im not blaming my teacher/lecturer. tq

ok that all..


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