Monday, June 4

Monday's talk

today i got my sexy voice back...
once in a year.
it compulsory to complete my life..
what the rubbish im talking about..

and...yesterday was my first time i swallowed ubat batuk cap ibu n anak without drink a water.
Allah i cant believe how can i do that..ubat tak sedap.
it all demi alin...waaa alin please vomit..
i wont disturb her sleep anymoreeeee..

and...this morning...jaja woke me up for subuh..
but its heavy raining outside..
:( jaja could u accompany me go to the toilet..
she's nodding but she go back at her bed.
oh my.
thanks Allah..
iqa was in the toilet..weeee
see..i can go to toilet by myself..*iqa was negligible 

lets continue our sleep..
*kpop song loudly singingggg...
aina, aina, aina, aina...alin try to wake aina from her beauty sleep..
but its failed!!!
then another sound come..
HOI !!!>>>>teha's voice + bengang.
the sleeping beauty still on the moon..
teha's slapped her cheek with blanket..

ok that all for today...let dismiss...

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